Training & Workshops.

I offer a range of training days and workshops, sometimes in conjunction with other experienced therapists and co-facilitators. I can also create training to meet your needs, just contact me at to discuss.

As a clinical psychologist with a passion for working in the area of sexuality and disability, I have the advantage of being able to ‘walk my talk’. I have my own experiences in working in this area to draw on; the positive stories and challenging situations have all been beneficial to my own learning and development. I bring my experience of working systemically into my training and consultancy. I am keen to work collaboratively and consider the needs and perspectives of different parts of individual’s support network.

I have presented at conferences and published a number of articles in the areas of sexuality and disability. Over the years I have provided many training sessions, supervision and consultancy sessions for support staff, trainee clinical psychologists, undergraduate psychology students and multi-disciplinary teams. I have a reputation for being an informative, warm and inspiring facilitator. My infectious enthusiasm makes attending training an enjoyable experience – challenging, fun and thought provoking.

By the end of my training sessions, participants leave feeling inspired and empowered. They gain new knowledge and skills, and an increased awareness and acknowledgement of their existing transferable skills that help them work effectively in this area.

Contact me to discuss working together.