already doing it

Already Doing It
Intellectual Disability And Sexual Agency

Supporting Disabled People to Fulfil their Sexual Lives: A Clear Guide for Health and Social Care Professionals

sexuality severe autism

Sexuality and Severe Autism : A Practical Guide for Parents, Caregivers and Health Educators

sexuality women learning disabilites

Sexuality and Women with Learning Disabilities

Puberty and Special Girls

Puberty and Special Girls

special boys' business

Special Boys’ Business

whats happening tom

What’s Happening to Tom?

whats happening ellie

What’s Happening to Ellie?

Things Tom Likes

Things Tom Likes

Things Ellie Likes

Things Ellie Likes

Tom Needs to Go

Tom Needs to Go

ellie needs to go

Ellie Needs to Go

Secret Girls' Business

Secret Girls’ Business

secret boys' business

Secret Boys’ Business

more secret girls' business

More Secret Girls’ Business

Boyfriends & Girlfriends : A Guide to Dating for People with Disabilities

The Treatment of Sex Offenders with Developmental Disabilities

sex and 3 R's

Sex and the 3 Rs Rights, Risks and Responsiblities : A Sex Education Resource for Working with People with Learning Disabilities

A 5 is Against the Law!

enjoy sex

Enjoy Sex (How, When and If You Want to) : A Practical and Inclusive Guide


Learning Difficulties and Sexual Vulnerability

decoding dating

Decoding Dating

safety skills

Developing Personal Safety Skills in Children with Disabilities



Modibodi products are ideal for menstruating teenagers or adults with intellectual or cognitive disabilities, worn either as back up with a pad or just on their own (use the heavy absorbency ones). They may be beneficial for people who don’t tolerate sanitary pads, or find them difficult to manage