Consentability works in collaboration with other clinicians and educators to offer consultancy to organisations, staff teams and individual clinicians.

In addition to my doctoral level training in clinical psychology, I have completed a postgraduate diploma in Applied Systemic Theory. Using a systemic approach, I enjoy working collaboratively, developing solutions in partnership in a way that fits with the team or individual’s values, beliefs and ways of working. As such, I value multiple perspectives, and will often explore the various views within an individual’s support network about particular issue or concern.

I work collaboratively with individuals and their support network, valuing their expertise, perspectives and direct experience of the presenting problem or issue. I am keen to find a good fit between my ideas and suggestions and the particular beliefs, values and expectations of the individual and their support network.

I pay attention to people’s strengths and resources. As well as working on the presenting issue, it is important to think about what is going well and what can be built on, developed and consolidated. Plans for the way forward are co-created with the support network, and I work hard to ensure that they are realistic and achievable.

Consultancy can be useful for a range of issues, for example:

  • Case discussion and formulation
  • Clarifying a way forward for staff teams where there are divisions and different perspectives related to cultural and/or religious beliefs
  • Enabling and empowering staff to feel confident in addressing sexuality issues
  • Identifying training and support needs
  • Management of inappropriate behaviour
  • Problem-solving a particular issue
  • Working with teams to develop a consistent approach to managing sexuality issues

Contact me to discuss working together.