Consentability Conversations.

These presentations provide an introduction to a particular area. They serve as providing food for thought – inspiration, ideas and areas to explore further. Specific topics can be requested, but some areas of interest may include:

  • Getting a balance between protecting and enabling
  • Protecting children with disabilities from abuse
  • Same sex attraction, cross-dressing and intellectual disability
  • Sexuality and intellectual disability myths
  • Masturbation and self -pleasure

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Previous testimonials from various training sessions on sexuality and intellectual disability to trainee clinical psychologists in the UK:

Really brilliant – lecturer made everyone feel relaxed enough to be very relaxed and open – which made for good debate.

Fantastic lecture, really engaging and well facilitated. Having an open discussion is so refreshing and we really need more debate like this.

Really good discussion. Was good to feel differing views and debate was encouraged. Highlighted how much more of this we need.

Really interesting, thought provoking and brought to light topics I hadn’t thought about. Really enjoyed the lecture plus the time to discuss in groups.

Really appreciated the open and honest approach that the lecturer had to this topic – was a good mixture of case studies, theory/law and chance to do our own thinking around the issues.

Really good, engaging lecture. I think this issue is something we don’t discuss enough in any client group – even as psychologists. It’s great to be thinking about how we should consider sexual issues that may be important for our clients, especially with clients with an intellectual disability who may be de-sexualised. Thanks.