Consentability’s Vision.

Consentability’s vision is for everyone, regardless of their ability level, to have access to sex and relationships education.

Not just the biological stuff – that’s important, but there is so much more. Regardless of whether you are going to be sexually active or not, it is important to feel confident in your own skin:

  • Feeling good about your body.
  • Knowing that you are the boss of your own body.
  • Knowing what your personal boundaries are.
  • Communication is important and it isn’t just verbal .
  • How to know what you actually want, and how to let others know.
  • How to say yes. How to say no.
  • What to do if someone violates your boundaries.

Everyone has human rights, but we all have responsibilities too:

  • Accepting that no means no.
  • Checking for consent, and stopping if you don’t have a clear ‘yes’.

These issues are relevant to young adults, older adults and all ages in between.

advice on sexuality and relationships