How Consentability can help.

Perhaps you have someone in mind who could benefit from some support in this area and you would like to discuss your concerns. You would like some ideas about a way forward. You are worried that their sexual behaviour or vulnerability will get them into trouble. You may need some help planning for puberty, or guidance about how to adapt sex education so that they will understand. Perhaps you are concerned about the possibility of exploitation or abuse.

You may have ideas about what to do to help. You even have moments of feeling enthusiastic and hopeful, but you aren’t sure if these ideas are good, never mind how to put them into action. Other times you have no idea what to do, it all feels too hard and you wish these issues would go away. It can feel like you are alone and you keep getting mixed messages about what you should or shouldn’t say or do. You don’t want to make things worse, or people to blame you if things go wrong. It can feel very ‘messy’ and complicated.

Imagine the support of someone who gets it and won’t shy away from the hard, tricky discussions. There might not be easy answers, but we can work on it together. I like dealing with these complex issues and I am good at putting people at ease. These issues can feel delicate and embarrassing; I take these issues seriously, but we may have a laugh at times too. Whatever emotions come up for you or the person you care for will be ok with me- this is a safe space.

I get it – you’re busy and your time is precious. You don’t want to waste it dealing with a stuffy clinical psychologist whose ideas have no relevance to your culture, beliefs or values. Whether the issue is inappropriate sexual behaviour, same sex attraction, cross – dressing or multiple partners, everyone seems to have an opinion on it! You want clarity and guidance, but it has to be developed in partnership with you. It has to make sense, and it must fit with the individual and their support network. This work may be challenging, but it’s important and you have already started it by coming here.

I work with people who want to:

  • Support individuals with forming and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Get support with thinking about how to protect and educate women and men about contraception, safe sex and power dynamics without having to resort to invasive strategies such as sterilization
  • Support individuals with consent issues, including finding out more about what their needs are in this area
  • Support individuals with developing more appropriate sexual behaviours

Contact me to discuss how Consentability can help you.