About Dr Natasha Alexander.


Thank you for visiting the Consentability website. I’m the founder, Dr Natasha Alexander. I am an experienced registered clinical psychologist and I have worked with people with intellectual disabilities since completing my clinical training at University College London, UK in 2001.

I worked in multi-cultural east London for 13 years as a qualified clinical psychologist in community disability and mental health services. I am now settled in Brisbane with my Australian partner and our family.

I have a postgraduate diploma in Applied Systemic Theory and I use systemic approaches in my work with individuals, families, carers and staff teams. I enjoy empowering parents, staff and carers to explore and reflect on the issues that they face, including considering multi-cultural and multi-faith factors.

I have experience of providing therapy, training and consultation in mental health and disability contexts in the UK and Australia. I currently work primarily in the area of sexuality, relationships and consent with people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities and their support network – family members, support staff and clinicians. You can download my full CV here.

My passion

 I am passionate about advocating for, and supporting people’s rights to express their sexuality in an informed and empowered way. I am equally passionate about emphasising the importance of child and adult safeguarding, and I see sexuality and relationships education as an important part of the development of self-protection skills and safeguarding.

My family is from the Caribbean, and I was born and raised in the UK. When I was growing up, my family didn’t really talk about sex and relationships. I had some great relationships. Some not so great relationships. I learned a lot from these different experiences. I was lucky to meet some great guides and mentors along the way, who educated me and enabled me to grow, resulting in the empowered woman I am now. I learned to listen to my mind and body, to trust my intuition and to know my yes from my no. For me, these are essential factors in developing self-worth, the ability to consent, and self-protection skills. These values are at the heart of Consentability and my desire to work in partnership with individuals and their support network to educate, enable and empower everyone in the system.

I support people with the capacity to consent to relationships. I provide guidance about safeguarding those that don’t have capacity. I deal with the grey area in between. I am open-minded and non-judgemental.